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Some great tips for freelancing

how to get freelancer first job techtunes

Freelancing is a very popular profession now, boys and girls from many big backgrounds are now doing freelancing, the initiative is happening, many more people are getting jobs. A very large community is developing. Below are some tips on freelancing platforms


This is the biggest freelancing market in the world, the boys and girls of Bangladesh are doing very well here. Almost all types of online-based work can be done here such as graphic design, web design, SEO, etc. If you want to work here, you need to apply or bid and there are many mistakes, so the clients become annoyed, many times the report goes to Upwork and the account is banned. One of the mistakes is to keep the copied cover letter as your own.

There are a lot of such letters in Google, it is renamed, and when you see that one line, the e-client understands that it is a copied cover letter and that's where the problem starts. So there are many rules for writing a cover letter, there are types that you must know such as
  • The smaller the better

  • Understand what the buyer wants and then write

  • Let it be known that you are working professionally

Some other things are very important to know, otherwise, it is very difficult to get a job, and then the account may be banned again.

I hope you will benefit from reading a detailed article written by me from the link below

How to write a cover letter in Upwork

99 designs

An excellent marketplace for graphic designers, basically a competitive place. When a buyer expresses his demand, he has to submit the design accordingly, the buyer declares the design of his choice as the winner at a time, here the prize money is much higher, it is possible to win a competition and earn  1000.

And since the buyer is giving a lot of prizes, so the man of design has to be very good, we usually have to be much better than the design that we call design, and understand what the buyer wants because the buyer decides who will win, which Much better if you submit the design on time. There is much more to know than just designing well in a competition. You can read the article below

How to be successful in 99 designs


It's another kind of marketplace, there's no competition, no bidding, no design here, like a portfolio, like a lot of stores, you put your design or work on your profile, how you work, how much money you take, everything will be there, every day Thousands of people go to work in need, there will give you a job if someone sees your profile and deems you worthy. This marketplace is great for beginners because there are so many basic things to do here. And you can read that I have an article with answers to some of those new questions

Some questions and answers on fiber

Freelancing and some misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about it, many ideas are very easy, it is possible to earn a lot of money sitting at home, there is no need to be skilled. That's wrong. It is possible to earn at home, but I have doubts about whether it is possible to earn it easily. You must be proficient in at least one subject then you can work. It may not be a computer-based subject, you can get a lot of work by writing articles, translating.

Again, many people think that learning now can be useful for a while, this is also a wrong idea, if you learn now, you will forget that it is true, so you learn when you want to work, and the biggest thing is to see it as a full-time job. You can.

And it is wrong to earn money while doing the course, you have to be proficient it is the biggest thing.

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