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Share skin with messenger || New feature in Messenger ||

 How are your friends, come on, everyone is fine. I can't come up with your mother's post so I'm sincerely sorry. I am a digital marketer and resuscitating cryptocurrency, so I can't give time to this post. Then I try to come up with some new posts among you. The topic of our post today is how we can ask for help by sharing one skin with another through messenger. There will be two friends or benefits for this help. If there is any problem with the phone, you can help and tick everything by sharing the skin of the phone from anywhere.

So let's get started

First, you need to download the app from the Play Store. Or those who have the app will have to update. Updates to this feature are only available. Follow Skins. First, you have to open Messenger. Then you have to make a video call with whom you will share the skin. After making a video call, you have to press from below according to the skins. Then click on Skin Share.

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Then click on Start Now. Then go to Hmm Skin and share the problem there. Then show the problem from where the problem is and your friend will be able to see everything. As a result of this feature, you don't have to run like a TeamViewer app anymore. Everything can be done through messenger.
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Today's post will be seen here in the next post.

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