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Want to create ANDROID APPS and GAMES? Create the best apps and games in the world in the easiest way! (NO CODING !!!)

 Looking at the title, you may have understood that if you read this tune, we are all Android Apps and if we can learn in a good way, then we will be able to create Android Games. However, we do not need to know any kind of coding for it. However, if we know a little basic English, it will be very useful to us. We don't need any software for this. Just need to download the emulator to test the APP (OPTIONAL). No problem downloading. You can check directly on your phone.

These are the websites for making apps







So all we need to do is create apps: -


  • A computer. Net connected. The speed should be moderate. (I don't think it will cost too much MB)

  • An Android phone. (OPTIONAL)

  • And it takes patience. (More or less the same)

1. The first is that if you have an Android phone, you can check if the app is working when creating apps as an emulator. For this you need to download the setup file. File size is 100 MB : mrgreen:

2. The second is that if you do not have an Android phone, you can download a setup file on your computer, install it and create apps with it to check if the app is working. The file size is about 100 MB : mrgreen:

But in my opinion it is not necessary to just download without creating games. Because instead you can save the app in .apk format to test and install it on your Android to check. So I skipped the emulator setup process.

If you want to learn better, watch the video

And the main file of the apps is called Aia File. If you edit it, the apps can download your aia file. Thank you. You will know if there is any problem.


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