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Is it possible to earn income from online at all? What are your wrong steps and what to do?

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Many earn thousands of dollars from Bangladesh. Many people demand a large amount of money to learn. Reading this article can change your life. For the good of all, be sure to read and share the article.

Most of the people who come to make income online go first-

  •  PTC / Adclick, Bitcoin, etc.

  • Visa, Craigslist traffic, etc.

  • Link Shortner, Link share, etc.

  • Blogging, Adsense, Youtube, etc.

  • Upwork, freelancer, Fiver, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing.

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This time we will discuss all these problems and solutions in detail.

1. PTC / Adclick, Bitcoin, etc.-

This is the worst and deception. With PTC / Adclick / Bitcoin Fast it is not possible to make a good income without referrals. Everyone worked hard for a few months, losing their heads for referrals. But later when he realizes that this is not going to increase the cost of his internet, then the desire to make income online disappears. However, with very expensive computers and mining machines, bitcoin, and similar currencies can be mined to earn some income. But that requires a lot of money, uninterrupted electricity, and the internet. In my opinion, it is better not to go. At present such currencies are banned in Bangladesh and exchanging money from such currencies is also a big problem.

2. Visa, Cl / Craigslist traffic, etc.-

Many people do these things online / through someone. But surprisingly, the truth is that this also has no future. Because buyer's affiliate marketing, CPA marketing will work for you, but not too much. And the biggest thing is that in most cases such work is not legal. Today may not be tomorrow.

3. Link Shortner, Link share, etc. -

You can shorten any text, software download link. As a result, if someone else clicks on this link, you will see an ad of 5 seconds. As a result, you will get .001- .02 dollars. Those who are completely new to online or do not know any work can do this. You will continue to learn food as well.

4. Blogging, Adsense, Youtube, etc-

It's basically about your experience, writing, or sharing videos for the benefit of people, giving download links. And here Adsense ad will be given. If someone clicks on this ad, .001-200 dollars will be income. However, there is fun on Youtube, even if no one clicks on the ad, your income will be. Even though it is very small, it keeps coming for life. When it comes to working online, you can never miss it. Size These are very fruitful and necessary things.

5. Upwork, freelancer, Fiver, Microworkers, etc.-

Those who know very good quality work do it. On websites like Upwork, freelancer, different buyers leave the work (tender) as per their requirement. If you get that job

If you want, you have to get the job by bidding. In the first place, no one wants to work, so many people dislike it. But here it is possible to earn up to 4-10000 dollars.

Fiverr Ray can be done for-5-995. Here you will create gigs with information about your services. If a buyer wants to take that service, he will give you a job, so you will get 5 dollars (1 dollar is deducted from Fiver), but you can get a job without bidding on Fiber.

Microworkers have very small simple tasks. You can do these things as easily as you want. From here the work of .10-5 dollars.

6. Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing-

Many are again interested in affiliate and CPI marketing beyond these boundaries. And if you want to make income through this, you have to be very experienced. And you have to have a lot of knowledge about all the above. Affiliate & CPA Marketing is almost impossible without paid promotion (money). Besides, it takes a lot of time to bring free traffic.

If you want to do some Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, you have to click on the offer link, fool people, and sign up.

Nowadays, when people see the offer links of most digital products, they understand that it is an offer link, so they avoid it. Even such links identify Gul as an antivirus, browser spammy link. And you have to spend money on many things. If you go for free, it will take years to earn income but you will not see the face of money. Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing can earn 10-10000 dollars per day. If you are very experienced in web development, digital marketing, market research, etc., you can earn a lot more money through dropshipping.

There are many other ways to earn money from the Internet. I have only discussed a few familiar works.

*** Now wondering, what should you do? ***

Let's share all the experiences of my life with you today in this vast community, everything about how to walk in the right path. We Bengalis are so bad that we kick ourselves in the stomach. Today, there is no unity among us. Someone is selling this gula again as a secret tutorial.

In 2012, I saw the news on a Pakistani channel on TV. That was "Bangladesh is a small country isolated from Pakistan, but today that Bangladesh is far ahead of Pakistan in terms of online income". But now that has changed a lot. Now Pakistan is number 2 in Asia. Because when they do not cheat among themselves, they do with others. As a result of exchanging knowledge among themselves, they are far above today. I believe that giving knowledge does not reduce one's knowledge, but increases it through discussion.

Ask yourself, can anyone take your fortune?

No, that is in the hands of Allah the Almighty. And many people in Bangladesh are deceived and get annoyed when they hear about online income without getting the right path. But from now on I will not let it happen.

Today God has given me knowledge, for good deeds. If you help people, God will give you something good in return.

If you want to work selflessly, move forward with a good mindset, then join this community.

Wondering how much money he is sitting on again? No, I don't want any money. I just want you to open your heart and pray to Allah for me.

Freelancing alone can earn more than Rs 1 lakh per month (I do it myself). Next, I will discuss the series.

How to make money from these, make yourself rich and prosperous, let's find out and start working from today.

All it takes is 1 computer/laptop and internet (can't work with mobile). Another thing you need is your interest. I'll show you what to do.

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