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A Russian surgeon who cut his own appendix! Read that immortal adventure story!


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A picture: When you are a 26-year-old man on an Antarctic expedition to build a Soviet base in the early 1980s when you feel a stabbing, nausea, and pain in the right side of your abdomen. This is a sure sign of acute appendicitis. The good news is that you are a doctor. The terrible, horrible and very bad news is that you are the only doctor at your station and the ship that put you there will not come back for another year.

The scene of this nightmare was the reality of the Russian surgeon Leonid Rogozhov when the expedition to establish a base in the Sixth Soviet Antarctic Oasis began.

The new Novolazarevskaya station was completed in February, but by April Rogozhov had fallen into a life-and-death situation. He realized that only one person could do this surgery and that person was himself.

Rogozov's son, Vladislav, told the BBC: "He had to cut his own stomach to get his intestines out. He did not know if it was humanely possible. " The surgeon had to get approval from Moscow to try the surgery, as it would have a negative impact on Soviet operations during the Cold War in chaotic conditions. This is not the right time for an auto-appendectomy to fail, Rogozov.

So how can this be done? Rogozov assigned various tasks to his colleagues. They handed him the device, held up a mirror, and made sure no one else was unconscious.

Vladislav realized that he was highly methodical and ready for all possible outcomes. He even operated his own local anesthesia and underwent a full two hours of surgery without losing consciousness. But, finally, he found the source of his pain. Rogozov wrote in his diary, “Finally, I found it, the cursed appendage! With horror, I noticed dark spots at the base of it. That means it would explode in just a day. "

According to the BBC, Ragozhov returned to Russia as a hero and his unfortunate medical issue became the focus of Soviet propaganda. Rogozhov was awarded the Red Banner of Labor and was even compared to the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. But what is the most fascinating part of this story? Just two weeks later, he returned to work. This is called sacrifice.


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